Changelog #61 - Launch Week recap, new Service overview, and more

Hello, and welcome to this week’s changelog update!

Since our last changelog update, we shipped five major announcements to bring your deployment experience to the next level during our first-ever launch week! Check out the recap including new GPUs, Volumes, the Koyeb Startup Program, and more.

This week, we released a brand new experience to manage your services and deployments in the control panel. Let’s dive in!

  1. Control panel: New Service overview and deployment navigation experience

    We have completely revamped the control panel Service overview to ease navigation and give you a better overview of your deployments. You are now able to:

    • See active, upcoming, and past deployments in a glance
    • Navigate seamlessly across your service deployments
    • Quickly cancel ongoing deployments and access the latest and active deployments
    • View each deployment concisely with key information pinned to the top of the deployment

  2. Control panel: Improved troubleshooting for a failed deployment with contextual recommendations

    We now display helpful suggestions after a deployment failure. This information provides tips to resolve the issue and accelerate the troubleshooting process. Previously, when a deployment failed, the cause was unclear and the logs were the only source of information.

  3. Control panel: Enabled updates for services deployed from a local directory

    You can now update Services deployed from a local directory via the Koyeb control panel. Previously, updates were only possible via the Koyeb CLI.

    ICYMI: In changelog #58, we introduced the ability to deploy a local directory using koyeb deploy via the CLI.

  4. New tutorial: Deploy Redis as an In-Memory Database for Koyeb Applications

    This week’s tutorial showcases how to deploy and configure Redis to act as a data store for applications on Koyeb. Deploying the Redis instance is even possible through a one-click app.