Changelog Update #23 - Improved deployment information in the control panel, new one-click example apps, Koyeb Log Exporter in technical preview, download usage CSV for a specific time period, Node.js version 20.4.0

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s changelog update!

Let’s jump in and explore what’s new:

  1. Improved deployment information in the control panel

    Our new deployment definition display in the control panel shows the complete configuration for each deployment of your services in JSON or a human-friendly display. This is useful when you want to analyze one of your previous deployments or compare it to another one. Previously, the deployment configuration displayed only contained partial information in JSON.

  2. New one-click Remix, FastAPI, Express, and Django apps available in the control panel

    We added new example applications to the control panel for Remix, FastAPI, Express, and Django. Try them out! If there are demo or starter apps you would like to see, let us know.

  3. Koyeb Build and Runtime Log Exporter in technical preview

    After being an in-demand feature:, you can now seamlessly forward logs from any Koyeb service to the most popular log aggregators and observability platforms!

    By streaming logs to specialized log aggregators and observability platforms, you can benefit from advanced features for in-depth analysis, visualization, and troubleshooting.

    Want to join the technical preview? Reach out to us.

  4. Download usage CSV for a specific period

    It is now possible to download your usage CSV for a specific period, rather than only the latest period. You can find them under Usage and billing.

  5. Node.js version 20.4.0

    We added Node.js version 20.4.0 to our builder.

Thanks for reading this week’s changelog updates! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback about these changes. :blush:

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