Changelog Update #22 - New deployment experience in the control panel, new documentation experience, and minor control panel improvements

Hello and welcome to this week’s changelog!

This week we are releasing two major things! Our new service deployment experience in the control panel is live and so is our new documentation platform!

  1. New deployment experience in the control panel

    We’ve performed a complete revamp of the service deployment experience. Deployment information, logs, and instances are now grouped all together to ease understanding and troubleshooting.

    Previously, information was spread across different pages making it hard to properly understand how resources were nested all together and to troubleshoot deployments in case of failure.

  2. New documentation experience and structure

    Our new documentation platform features a fresh look and a more organized structure. With improved navigation and organization, finding the information you need to use Koyeb is easier than before.

  3. Control panel improvements

    If you use a Dockerfile to build your projects, you can now specify the working directory where your source code is located. By default, the root of your repository is used.

    Additionally, you can now change the application assigned to one of your existing custom domains directly from the control panel.

Thanks for reading this week’s changelog updates! We’re eager to hear your thoughts and feedback about these changes. :blush:

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