Changelog Update December 2022

Hello, y’all! :ocean:

Did you notice we released the new app and service creation flow and settings pages? :sunglasses: Oh yea, deploying apps and services on the platform got even easier!

That’s just part of all the new features and improvements we’ve made to Koyeb. Our latest changelog updates include:

:rocket: Example apps access for all users
:elephant: New documentation for integrating a database
:earth_americas: Region request feature
:white_check_mark: Improved git repository display

Koyeb App and Service creation flow

Example apps access for all users

Example applications are now available for all users. Previously, they were only visible to users who had not already created or deployed an application. Now, everyone can view and deploy them via the control panel!

New documentation for integrating a database

Some apps need persistent storage. We published our first documentation explaining how to integrate a managed Postgres database to an application running on Koyeb. We plan to add docs covering more database providers, let us know which ones you’d like to see us write next!

Region request feature

Our new region request feature lets you tell us which regions we should add to the platform. Request the locations you want to see next directly from the service creation page in the control panel!

Improved git repository display

When listing your repositories, we now display the repository’s visibility and last change date. This makes it easier to find the repositories you most recently worked on.

Help us spread the word!

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