Changelog #34 - $7M Funding, Postgres New Regions, Automatic PORT Variable Injection, and New Free Tier

Hi everyone!

Today is a special changelog: we raised $7M in seed to simplify app deployment with our global serverless platform!

Here is a quick overview of our upcoming priorities for the end of the year and 2024:

And back to the present: this was another big week at Koyeb! Check out what we shipped:

  1. We raised $7M to simplify serverless app deployments globally

    This round was led by Serena with the participation of ISAI, Samsung Next, MongoDB, and amazing Angels. You can find the news on LinkedIn, X/Twitter, or on our blog.

  1. New regions for Managed Postgres - Private Preview

    You can now pick the region where you host the database among 3 regions: Frankfurt, Singapore, and Washington, DC. Ready to deploy a Managed Postgres database on Koyeb? Please tell us about your use case and we’ll onboard you.

  1. Automatic PORT Variable Injection at Runtime

    We now automatically inject a PORT environment variable based on your service configuration to reduce deployment failures based on misconfiguration. You can override this default behavior by defining the PORT environment variable in your service configuration.

  1. New Free Tier

    Everyone can now deploy one Free web service in Frankfurt, Germany. New users no longer need to add a credit card to start deploying in Koyeb as long as they get started with a GitHub account.

    We wrote about our experience offering free compute in a hostile environment and reaffirmed our commitment to maintaining our free tier.