Changelog #32 - Managed Postgres in private early access and new Free instance type

Welcome to this week’s brief, yet exciting changelog update! We have two major highlights to share with you:

  1. Managed Postgres - Join the Private Early Access

    We have started to onboard users to our new Managed Postgres offering!

    As we are working to release this feature publicly, we are looking to onboard even more people eager to start using Managed Postgres on the platform and provide us feedback to improve the database creation and deployment experience.

    Ready to deploy a Managed Postgres database on Koyeb? Let us know in the comments and we’ll reach out to onboard you.

  1. New Free Instance Type

    We are happy to introduce a new instance type, “Free.”

    As the name suggests, this new addition allows you to run a service for free. This instance is limited to web services and can only be deployed in our Frankfurt region.

    As noted with Filip, you can use just one instance of this type across all your services. If you want to create more services, you will need to use other instance types.

hmu w/ the early access :blush:

I’ll be happy to try the managed DB.