Changelog #40 - New Year, Serverless Postgres Pricing, CLI copy, Tutorials, and more

Happy New Year and welcome to the first changelog of 2024 :tada:

In 2023, we published 39 official changelogs including more than 156 new features and improvements and we don’t intend to slow down in 2024!

We’re actively working on exciting features including autoscaling and scale-to-zero: the upcoming weeks are going to be amazing, stay tuned! In the meantime, we didn’t stop during the last two weeks and have several updates to share:

  1. Serverless Postgres Pricing with up to 4GB of RAM per database

    In late December, we announced the Serverless Postgres Pricing including Small, Medium, and, Large PostgreSQL databases with up to 4GB of RAM in private preview.

    These databases are designed for production workloads, are fully managed, and are highly available by design. They provide up to 88% savings compared to traditional databases thanks to their design and scale-to-zero capabilities.

    These new databases can be coupled with both our new Eco Instances and our standard lineup.

    Ready to try them out? To get access, reach out through the control panel.

  2. CLI: Copy files to and from Koyeb Instances, container registry credentials

    You can now transfer files and directories from and to Instances using the koyeb instance cp command via the CLI. This is useful to troubleshoot, analyze, or add extra configuration files to your Service Instances when testing. Remember that any copied files will not persist on standard ephemeral SSDs.

    The latest CLI release also improves the how you can manage container registry credentials.

    Check out the full CLI changelog.

  3. Serverless Postgres roles and logical databases sync

    We are now synchronizing roles and logical databases created through a PostgreSQL client with our infrastructure. This means that if you create new roles or logical databases using a Postgres client like psql, the changes will be reflected in our infrastructure (API, CLI, Control Panel). Previously, only roles and logical databases created via the Koyeb API were listed.

  4. Metrics selector improvement

    We now display the region where the Instance is running, along with the Instance ID, in the Instance selector for Service Metrics and Console. This makes it easier to identify a specific Instance in the case of a multi-region deployment.

  5. New deploy docs and tutorials

    We published new deployment docs for PHP, Deno, Rust, and Java to help you get started easily with these runtimes.

    We also have new tutorials on: