Changelog #33 - Logical databases in preview, running containers in privileged mode, and how we built our global deployment engine

Hi everyone!

We’re back with another weekly update about what is new on Koyeb this week.

  1. Managed Postgres Database Private Preview - Logical database management

    We’ve expanded our database capabilities to include logical database management. Now, you have the flexibility to organize and manage logical databases within Koyeb, making it easier to structure your data according to your unique needs.

    Ready to deploy a Managed Postgres database on Koyeb? Please tell us about your use case and we’ll onboard you.

  2. Run your container in privileged mode

    We’ve introduced the ability for users to run Koyeb containers in privileged mode. This allows you to unlock advanced use cases that require elevated privileges. For instance, it is useful when you need to load kernel modules, manipulate system settings, or run system services and daemon like the Docker daemon.

    Want to give it a try? It is available in your deployment settings and in our Koyeb CLI.

  3. Learn how we built the global deployment engine

    As you may already know, you can now deploy across 6 regions in the EU, US, and APAC. If you want to learn how we built the global deployment engine, check out our blog post on how we built an engine to scale across 100 locations using Nomad and Kuma.

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