Changelog #36 - 1-click apps catalog, per region latencies, connect to your databases, and Docker compose in Koyeb

Hi everyone!

Another big week at Koyeb! Check out what we shipped:

  1. One-Click Apps Catalog

    Koyeb 1-Click apps allow you to easily deploy and run popular applications on Koyeb with minimal effort. Get started deploying Metabase, DocuSeal, Grafana, and much more.

  1. Per region latencies displayed in Service creation

    For each region, we now display the latency from your location. This helps you pick the region with the lowest latency depending on your location among all Koyeb core regions.

  2. Connect to your applications - Managed Postgres Database Preview

    We’ve added examples in the control panel with some of the most common frameworks and languages such as Node.js, Next.js, Prisma, Django, Rails, and more to let you get started and connect your database from your apps faster.

  3. Deploy apps using Docker Compose

    We published a new tutorial showcasing how you can deploy your Docker Compose applications on Koyeb.