Changelog #35 - Role management for databases, Terraform provider enhancements, console improvement with buildpack deployment, and more

Hi everyone!

Roll call! Role management for our Postgres databases is now available! This week also brings exciting news for running commands in the console, our Terraform provider, and more.

  1. Role management - Managed Postgres Database Private Preview

    We’ve expanded our database capabilities to include role management. You have the flexibility to organize and manage database roles within Koyeb, making it easier to manage your team’s access to the databases.

    Ready to deploy a Managed Postgres database on Koyeb? Please tell us about your use case and we’ll onboard you.

  2. Enhancements to our Terraform provider

    Our Terraform provider now supports additional use cases when provisioning Koyeb resources. You can now define custom health checks for your service, deploy using the Docker builder, and scope the application of environment variables per region.

  1. Launch Shell Commands with the Right Execution Environment

    Previously, some of you were facing issues running commands within the right execution environment after deploying your service with buildpacks. We resolved this issue so you don’t have to worry about prefixing your commands in the console anymore.

  2. Need more guidance to start with Koyeb?
    We released a couple of tutorials to help you leverage Koyeb capabilities. Check out our documentation on how to deploy a NestJS app, and even how to deploy Preview Environment for your GitHub PRs in Koyeb.