Changelog Update #1 - Pulumi provider, new logs component, custom domains, and pause apps

Hello and welcome to this changelog update - 2023 edition!

We’re starting 2023 with a new format for our changelog: from now on, we will regularly share everything we’ve been working on here!

We felt that our changelog page started to be crowded with the many changes we released during the last months and this format didn’t allow for discussion. Here you’ll be able to share your thoughts on new improvements and features - don’t be shy, we’re always looking for feedback!

Ready to find out about all the latest features and improvements that just landed on the platform? :wink: Without any further ado, this week’s new features and enhancements are:

  1. The Koyeb Pulumi provider: Thanks to @edouard, you can now combine Pulumi with Koyeb and you use your favorite programming languages to manage your Koyeb resources.

    The Koyeb Pulumi provider allows you to provision the Koyeb resources you need including Apps, Services, Domains, and Secrets.

    You can read everything Pulumi + Koyeb in our announcement post and documentation.

  2. New log components @nilscox improved our log components and added a few options to ease readability. You can now:
    – wrap lines
    – show the date
    – download logs.

    We also improved the way we handle reconnection to only stream new logs instead of performing full reloading, which significantly improves the experience in case of connection failure.

  3. Managing custom domains. @nilscox released a UX improvement in the control panel to simplify custom domain management: you can now directly configure and visualize custom domains assigned to a Koyeb App directly from the App’s settings page.

  4. Pause Apps. @thomas released the pause app API which is now also available in the control panel! You can easily pause all of your App Services with a single API call or click at the application level. And you can of course also resume all services or a subset of the App services when needed.

Comments, suggestions, ideas? We’d love to hear what you think!