Changelog Update #2 - User-defined HTTP and TCP health checks, new App Status, doc for combining CockroachDB with Koyeb, and fixed a UI bug

Hello and welcome to this week’s changelog update!

After some major internal work, user-defined health checks are in technical preview. Defining your own health checks allows you to fine-tune your deployment promotion strategy by specifying how the platform should determine if your application is healthy.

If you want to access the technical preview and give the feature a try, comment below and we’ll get you set up.

Next, here’s the lowdown on all this week’s features and improvements:

  1. User-defined HTTP and TCP health checks are in technical preview: To ensure your services are healthy, we automatically perform TCP health checks on exposed ports. We now offer the ability to add user-defined TCP and HTTP health checks, giving you more control over defining the health status of your service. This feature is currently in technical preview. To access it, just comment below and we’ll be happy to provide special access!

  2. New App Status and Apps listing display: We now display the App Status, which reflects the health status of all the Services inside that App.

    Alongside this change, we revamped how we list all of your Apps and Services in the control panel. With one glance, you can now view the deployment details for all your Services running inside an App: its health status, the regions where it’s deployed, which port is receiving incoming requests, and details of its latest deployment.

    Plus, the new menu in the app’s list allows you to quickly access a service’s runtime logs, metrics, console access, or settings.

  3. New doc for using CockroachDB with Koyeb: We published new documentation to help you connect your managed CockroachDB database to your app running on Koyeb.

  4. Fixed private registry configuration. We fixed a UI bug that prevented properly creating a container registry configuration secret of type Private container registry.

Comments, suggestions, or ideas for our next features and improvements? We love hearing your thoughts! :raised_hands:


Deployed my first service with a custom HTTP health check on /tutu ! :tada:

The redeployment when you change the settings might start to be particularly painful/time-consuming if you’re debugging something.

I’m voting for this feature :arrow_down_small:

And I’m definitely looking forward to the release with improved status. :smiley: