Changelog Update #20 - New service experience in the control panel - private preview, cancel ongoing deployments improvement, and Koyeb at MongoDB.local NYC and on Cup o' Go

Welcome to our 20th changelog! This is a special milestone as so much has changed during these last changelogs. Between all the support and feedback, we’re so grateful to have you along for the ride!

This week’s changelog includes a private preview of our new service experience and exciting updates about where you can find us next!

Without further ado, let’s jump into this week’s update:

  1. New service experience in the control panel - Private preview

    We have reworked the service view to improve the service deployment and troubleshooting experience. These changes are currently in a private preview. If you would like to take part in this private preview, reach out to us and we’ll grant you early access!

    Here’s a sneak peek! :wink: What do you think?

  2. Cancel ongoing deployments improvement

    Previously, you could only cancel an upcoming deployment if it had not started yet. We changed this behavior and now you can cancel a deployment even while it is ongoing. This is useful in case you accidentally redeployed or no longer need the redeployment because you have scheduled an even newer one.

  3. Koyeb at MongoDB.local in New York City and on Cup o’ Go!

    We’ll be at MongoDB.local NYC tomorrow, June 22! If you are in NYC and will be attending by MongoDB.local too, make sure to say hi to our co-founder Yann! He’ll be there and will be happy to meet you in person!

    Calling all Gophers! We joined the Cup o’ Go podcast to share how we are using Go to build the Koyeb platform. Take a listen to it here: