Changelog #57 - New control panel in preview, rename Apps and Services in the new control panel, and more

Hello, and welcome to this week’s changelog update! All right, let’s jump into what’s new:

  1. New Control Panel in preview

    We are working on a new control panel to give you a more intuitive and faster experience. You can check its new design and try our new service creation flow at We welcome feedback as it’s still under development.

  2. Rename Apps and Services in the new control panel

    You can now rename your Apps and Services in the new control panel. Last week, we announced this was available in the API and the CLI. Previously, you could not rename your Apps and Services. This new ability lets you name your resources how you want so you can identify them better.

  3. New tutorial: Using LlamaIndex and MongoDB to Build a Job Search Assistant

    Learn how to build a job search assistant with LlamaIndex using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and MongoDB thanks to @Rishi_Raj_Jain. The assistant can even be deployed in one click.