Changelog #50 - Meet us in Paris this week, new deployment events, improved deployment time after build succeeded, and more

Welcome to this week’s changelog update, where excitement is brewing! First, we have a special announcement!

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe is in full swing over in Paris! We’re taking part in the fun and organizing some awesome side events. If you’re in town, we’d love to see you!

Let’s jump into the changelog updates and talk about what’s new:

  1. New deployment events

    We’ve introduced new deployment events to better report the progress of each step occurring during the deployment lifecycle. We also now display user-friendly messages in case of errors to ease troubleshooting. Deployment events are available in both, the control panel and Koyeb CLI.

  2. Improved deployment time after build succeeded

    In some cases, a delay might have occurred resulting in a “feeling” of a long delay before getting your deployment started to deploy once the build was completed. This is now solved, and all Git-based deployments now start once the build succeeds after a few seconds.

  3. CLI: Logs include timestamps

    Displaying logs in the CLI now shows the date to better analyze and troubleshoot your Services.
    Check out the full CLI changelog of v3.9.0.

  4. Deploy Hapi and Beego in one click

    You can now deploy Hapi and Beego in one click on Koyeb! Hapi is a simple, security-focused web framework for the Node.js ecosystem while Beego is a high-performance web framework for Go-based web apps, RESTful APIs, and backend services.
    In addition to the one-click apps, we also published Hapi and Beego deployment guides.