Changelog #38 - Koyeb-provided runtime variables, new service mesh, new control panel home page, and more

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s changelog update!

First of all, we have major announcements coming up the next two Tuesdays, stay tuned for our final announcements of 2023 - this is going to be legendary!

  1. Koyeb-provided runtime variables

We now expose information about your Service’s deployment environment and configuration as environment variables. This is useful for troubleshooting or if your application needs to be context-aware like knowing the region, the App public domain, and more.

  1. Rollout of our new service mesh for faster deployments

Our service mesh facilitates communication between the services deployed on Koyeb. We are progressively rolling out an updated version of our service mesh that will bring faster deployments and better stability to our platform. If you want to know more about how we build our platform, we got you covered.

  1. New control panel home page preview

Currently, getting an overview of your infrastructure state is hard. We are progressively releasing a redesigned dashboard that will make it easy and faster to identify the state of your apps, services, and databases. Here is a heads-up on the upcoming dashboard. If you want early access to it, please reply to this post!

  1. Use pgvector + Hugging Face on Koyeb

We published a new tutorial showcasing how to use pgvector and Hugging Face to create and deploy an optimized search system that leverages text similarity searching.