Changelog #30 - Koyeb CLI 3.2.0, full dotenv support, Bun and guides

Welcome to our 30th changelog! It’s packing the heat with a new CLI version, full dotenv support for bulk environment variable imports, and hot out the oven guides for deploying Bun and on Koyeb!

Before diving in, a big shoutout to @razvanazamfirei for adding completions for Fish and bash to the CLI!

Next up, we have very exciting news right around the corner. Spoiler alert, it has everything to do with Managed Postgres: reach out if you want to be first to try it.

All right, enough hint-dropping. Let’s dive right in!

  1. CLI version 3.2.0 is available

    We are excited to announce the release of the CLI version 3.2.0. It features improvements for scaling, region and organization management, and adds enhanced shell compatibility. A big thank you to @razvanazamfirei for enhancing shell compatibility with completions for Fish and updated bash completions.

    We are now maintaining a changelog for the CLI. Check it out to see the full list of CLI improvements:

  2. Full dotenv support for bulk environment variable import

    We have made it easier to manage your environment variables. Now, you can leverage all dotenv features for bulk editing environment variables, including support for quoted and multi-line values.

  3. Deploy Bun guide

    Excited about Bun? Looking for a fast way to deploy it globally? Check out our new guide showcasing how to deploy a Bun App on the platform

    Deploy Bun on Koyeb

  4. Deploy on Koyeb is a platform for seamless meeting and event scheduling that integrates into your existing calendar systems. Read our latest tutorial to learn how to deploy on Koyeb to Manage Scheduling with Google Calendar, configure a Neon PostgreSQL database for data storage, and set up Mailgun for sending transactional emails.

    Deploy on Koyeb to manage scheduling with Google Calendar

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