Changelog #26 - New Node.js and Maven versions, cancel deployments, deactivation, and Grafana tutorial

In case you missed last week’s major changelog update, we have 4 new regions in preview: San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore! This means that you can deploy high-performance Workers across 6 locations and 3 continents in less than 5 minutes.

Reach out to us if you would like to start deploying in any or all of these regions.

This week’s changelog update includes new Node.js and Maven versions, improvements to cancel ongoing deployments, managing your organizations, and a guide on deploying Grafana on Koyeb. Let’s jump into this week’s update:

  1. New Node.js and Maven versions

    We added support for Node.js versions 18.17.1, 20.5.1, and 16.20.2.

    The default version for Maven is now 3.9.4. We removed support for installing Maven 3.2.5, 3.3.9, 3.5.4, and 3.6.2 via These versions of Maven contain security vulnerabilities and should not be used.

  2. Cancel deployments in progress from the deployments list

    You can now easily cancel a deployment while it is ongoing directly from the deployments list page. To cancel a deployment in progress from its deployment’s list page, simply click the 3 dot menu of the upcoming deployment and click “Cancel”.

  1. Organization deactivation

    It is now possible to deactivate an organization. This is useful in case you ever want to purge all your organization’s resources and suspend your organization. At any time, you can reactivate a deactivated organization to use it again.

  1. Grafana x Koyeb tutorial

We released a new tutorial showcasing how to Deploy and Configure Grafana to Visualize GitHub Data on Koyeb.

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