Changelog Update #14 - 35% faster deployment time; pnpm, Node.js 20, and Java 20 support; Django deployment guide, and more

Hi everyone!

This week’s changelog update includes news about faster boot times, support for pnpm and new versions of Node.js and Java, and our latest content. Get the full story about these changes here:

  1. 35% faster deployment time

    We have received frequent feedback over the last few months regarding the time required for new deployments to reach their desired status. To improve the deployment experience, we worked hard to optimize the service mesh configuration propagation, which was previously impacting the speed during the deployment process. As a result, deployments are now 35% faster than before.

  2. pnpm, Node.js 20, and Java 20 support

    pnpm support is now available on Koyeb! If you use pnpm as your package manager, it will now work out of the box. Additionally, we now support the latest versions of Node.js (including Node.js 20) and Java (including Java 20).

    Check out our How we build from Git documentation to learn more about using pnpm and these new versions.

  3. New Django deployment guide and gRPC blog post

    We released new documentation to help you get started deploying Django on Koyeb. With gRPC support announced earlier this year, we published a post about what is gRPC and answer a lot of common questions, check it out.

Thanks for reading, you’re caught up on what’s new to Koyeb! If you have an idea for a feature or improvement, don’t hesitate to share it with us - we love hearing what you think!

See you next week for another changelog update.

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