Changelog #28 - Deploy Dockerfiles in GA, Organizations in the CLI, Authorizer x Koyeb, fixed display bug, and more

This week, we are excited to announce the general availability of Dockerfile deployments! Dockerfiles give you more control over the build process and let you deploy any framework, language, or runtime on the platform!

On top of that, this changelog update includes improvements to our CLI, build logs, and a new guide to help you deploy Authorizer on the platform. Plus, there are two new places where you can find Koyeb! Let’s jump in:

  1. Deploy Dockerfiles GA: deploy any kind of applications on high-performance microVMs

    We are beyond delighted to share that our support for Dockerfile-based deployments is now generally available on the platform! You can now deploy any GitHub repository that contains a Dockerfile across all our locations worldwide.

    It can be used to deploy APIs, full-stack applications as well as workers at no extra cost. To get started deploying your Dockerfiles, read the full announcement.

rust-build-from-dockerfile copy

  1. Koyeb Organizations in the CLI

    You can now easily view your organizations and switch between them using the Koyeb CLI! This is useful when you use the CLI to manage deployments across your different organizations.

    To get started, run koyeb org list to view all of your organizations and koyeb org switch to switch between your organizations. Previously, the CLI did not support Koyeb Organizations.

$ koyeb org list
ID      	NAME          	PLAN        CURRENT 
46b8e22c	my-org        	hobby   	      	
4a08b30a	some-other-org	starter 	✓      
$ koyeb app list
ID      	NAME   	        STATUS 	    DOMAINS
b77ede96	node-api	    HEALTHY     [""]

$ koyeb org switch my-org  
$ koyeb app list
ID      	NAME         	STATUS 	    DOMAINS
46c0cd88	python-api    	HEALTHY	    [""]
d598e417	my-website  	HEALTHY	    [""]
  1. Deploy Authorizer on Koyeb

    We published a new guide showcasing how to deploy Authorizer, an authentication and authorization solution, on Koyeb. Authorizer provides several useful functionalities out-of-the-box including secure session management, social logins, OAuth2 compatible APIs, email-based password recovery, role-based access management, and so much more.

  1. Fixed display bug on new git deployment

    We fixed a small bug on new git deployments where for a few seconds we were displaying runtime logs instead of build logs. This is now fixed.

  2. Koyeb at Infobip Shift’s Conference and on the latest Cup o’ Go podcast

    On September 18, Yann from the Koyeb team will be at Infobip Shift’s Conference in Zadar, Croatia! Come say hi, let’s grab a coffee together, and join us for Yann’s talk on Infrastructure, Edge, and Connectivity: What it Takes to Build and Operate a Global Serverless Provider.

    Last, but not least, we are happy to share that we have continued our sponsorship of the Cup o’ Go podcast! We are huge fans of Go (we’re building Koyeb with it) and this podcast hosted by Shay Nehmad and Jonathan Hall. Join them in the #cup-o-go channel on the Gopher Slack community to stay up to date with the latest discussions around Go and never miss an episode.