Changelog Update #17 - Build from Dockerfile in technical preview, monthly usage summary, and new Remix deployment guide

Hi everyone and welcome back!

It’s been an exciting two weeks since our last update. First, one of the most eagerly anticipated features, build from Dockerfiles is in the pipeline. This feature is in a technical preview soon and we are searching for more volunteers to join the preview.

Ready for the full changelog update? Get the full story here:

  1. Build from Dockerfile available in technical preview

    We’re excited to share that one of the most highly requested features on our feedback request platform, build from Dockerfiles, is available in technical preview, and we are looking for volunteers to be among the first to use the new feature!

    If you are eager to start deploying your projects from a Dockerfile, let us know and we’ll include you in the technical preview.

  2. Monthly usage summary

    Earlier this month we announced that we will start collecting and billing for usage in June. We added a usage summary view to the usage and billing page located under the Organization’s settings. This makes it even easier for you to keep track of your usage, giving you better visibility and control over your projects.

  3. New Remix deployment guide

    We released new documentation to help you start deploying Remix applications on the platform.

Thanks for reading. If you have an idea for a feature or improvement, don’t hesitate to share it with us - we love hearing what you think.

See you next week for another changelog update!


I would be more than happy to use dockerfile in My project if that’s possible!

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Fantastic! Just sent you a message! :slight_smile:

We are thrilled to share that Build from Dockerfile is in technical preview for everyone!

Follow the steps below to get started building from a Dockerfile with Koyeb:

Build from Dockerfile via the control panel 🖥

When deploying or updating a service using the git-driven deployment option, you can now choose Dockerfile as the builder. For those who need it, we also provide some options to override your Dockerfile defaults.

Use Koyeb CLI to build from Dockerfile 👨‍💻

We added the --git-builder option, which allows you to choose how your project is built: buildpack (default) or docker.

For instance, here’s the command to create a new Koyeb app and service using the build from Dockerfile.

koyeb app init <MY_PROJECT> --git<YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT>/<YOUR_REPOSITORY> --git-branch main --git-builder docker

Make sure to replace MY_PROJECT, YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT and <YOUR_REPOSITORY> with your own values.

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