Upgrading to starter plan

Hello, it seems the hobby plan accounts have to login every 7 days, otherwise their projects will be paused.
Therefore I’m planning to upgrade to the starter plan. But my question is:

The hobby plan provides with me 512MB to run project. So I can run a micro or two nano projects in a whole month, which costs $5.4 per month in total.
If I upgrade to starter, only $5 free credit will be provided. I need to pay for the extra $0.4 if I consume same resources as the hobby plan.
This looks more like a degrade?

Hi there,

The starter plan is pay-per-use by the second and it includes $5 of monthly free credit. You can use the credit how you want up to medium instances.

We have not yet started charging for usage. This means you will not be charged for the resources you use above what is allotted with the $5 free credit. We plan to start charging for usage by February 2023, and we will notify users 30 days in advance before doing so.

Is it true? Haven’t met this info before. Could you please provide a link to where it is written? Thanks in advance!