Should I delete my second app due to Hobby plan update?

I read the update information on the Hobby plan. As I understood, if earlier it was possible to support two free services, starting from 9 October there will be a limit of 1 free service.

I currently have 2 apps on my dashboard. One is active, the other has been stopped a long time ago (status: paused). If I don’t plan on running the second app anytime soon, should I delete it now (I wouldn’t want to)? Or will the fact that it remains paused be enough for me to continue using the Hobby plan after 9 October with only one active app (that I will switch to Free instance)?

Thank you!

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Hi @dsaperov, that is correct - the Hobby plan will be limited to 1 free service. Starting October 9, we will migrate accounts to the new limits. You do not need to do anything for the migration. We will transfer your services to the new Hobby plan with zero downtime.

In your case, we will migrate both of your services (the active and the paused one) and will continue operating your active service. If you would like to resume your paused service or redeploy either of your services, you will need to upgrade to the Starter plan or adjust your usage to stick within the Hobby plan limits.

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Thank you for explanation!

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