New hobby plan update about old subscription

I read the update information on the Hobby plan. As I understood, if earlier it was possible to support two free services, starting from 9 October there will be a limit of 1 free service.

I currently have 2 apps on my dashboard.I understand there are restrictions on redeployment. If I want to update my deployment, do I need to upgrade to starter?

If i stitch to starter plan, Will it affect both of my services, such as converting one to paid?


Hi @Duan-rax,

One user can deploy only one Free instance. All other instances are paid. Your existing two services are maintained but you can redeploy only one of them on the Hobby plan.

If you would like to redeploy the second service, upgrade to a Starter plan and choose a different type of instance (Nano, Micro, Small or Medium)