Koyeb Starter Plan

I am planning to avail the starter plan. If ever I exceed the limit am i automatically charged? is there a way to auto pause the service if ever i reach or exceed the limit?


I’m not sure what limit you are referring to?

If you were mentioning the 5.5 coupon that we had, we no longer have that discount. Instead, we introduced the free instance, and changing your plan to a starter doesn’t change how we bill this free instance: it’s still free.

Or are you referring to defining an arbitrary limit in your spending to ensure you don’t exceed that amount in your next invoice? Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature.
You can vote for that feature here if it’s something you want: Budget / spending limits | Voters | Koyeb

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thanks. Just to confirm Starter come with free domain names right?

Yes, as of right now you’ll have 10 domains that are included in your plan (ie: you don’t pay extra).