Charging my Card

Hi there,
While I’m already on the lowest plan so why is charging my card?
Is it not free even with the basic plan?
Please check my account.

Hi @wspltd,

I can see that you deployed 2 Micro instances. According to the information on the pricing page, every month you get a $5.50 discount which lets you deploy 2 Nano instances or 1 Micro instance free of charge. Additional services, such as custom domains or extra outbound bandwidth are charged separately.

Oh i see,
Unfortunately I was never aware from such Policy.
I already downgrade to Nano (lowest plan).

Is there any possibility to cancel my current billing invoice?
I can’t pay this.

Since your question is related to your account, I moved our conversation to email.

So can you please give me relief?
Because i was not awareed from such condition.

Hey @wspltd :wave:

@Sebastian_Wiewiora reached out to you via our support channel to sort this out and figure out how we can help you.