How to stop using koyeb?

I received following email:

Following our email sent one month ago, we would like to remind you about important changes to the Free Tier.

As part of our changes to the Free instance and introduction of the new Eco Instances, we are discontinuing the $5.50 free credit in favor of the Free instance. The tldr:

  • The $5.50 free credit is being replaced by the Free Instance, which provides 512MB RAM and 0.1 vCPU.
  • To remain on the Free Tier, make sure to migrate to the Free Instance before February 1, 2024.

I want to stop using keyob and not to be charged

Hi Artur,

I just checked your account and it looks like you have no paid services running. You will not be charged.

If you want to use Koyeb without being charged, you can always use the Free Instance.

Does this answer your question?


Hola alisdair, con sorpresa veo que me han cobrado u$s 5.01. Soy de Argentina y no puedo pagar eso por un servicio que hasta hace un mes era u$s 0.00. ¿podrías revisar mi situación y canclear ese cobro?. Ya di de baja el servicio que tenía activo y era solo por fines educativos.

Hi @ldlmarcelo, sorry to hear about the surprise! We have a dedicated topic for this in Discontinuation of $5.50 credit in February.

If you are not already in contact with us over email, please let me know if you would like a refund on your credit card or credit that you can use later on the platform.