New app and service creation flow

Hi everyone :wave:

We are working on improving the app and service creation flow to make it more efficient.

The idea is to change the current behavior with a three steps workflow.

Below are the mockups (images are clickable) :arrow_down_small:

The Sample Apps flow is not totally ready yet, it will be added to the thread once ready.

1. Select deployment method

The first step would be to select the deployment method: GitHub, Docker, or Sample Apps.

3 options from there (click to expand):

Using Git

2. Import project

Using Git-driven, the next step is to install the GitHub app and select the repository to deploy.

3. Configure service and deploy

The last step is the configuration of your service.

The Koyeb default service configuration view - advanced settings are hidden

The instance selection menu on the service creation view

The Koyeb default service configuration view - with all sections expanded

Using a pre-built Docker container

2. Import project - configure docker image and registry

After choosing Docker as a deployment method, you select the registry, image, and tag to deploy.

You can configure how to deploy from a private registry with a configuration secret.

3. Configure service and deploy

This is the last step where you will configure your service and how your container will run on Koyeb.

Above is the default view, advanced settings are collapsed

The instance selection menu

With all sections expanded

Sample Apps

Coming soon

We’d love to hear about your experience with the current flow and to get your feedback on these changes!

What are the common issues you face when deploying using the console?
Would this new flow help?