How to modify the file in an instance

I have deploy an instance successfully but I want to change something with my config file.I have tried to modify it through the CLI on the web. But I found that there’s no vi or nano tools to edit my file. How can I do that?
Thank you

Hello Diana,

I’m not sure to understand what you mean by “change something with my config file”. Can you elaborate? Which config files do you want to modify?

Thanks for your reply. I means the config file in my services. it contains some settings of my services which can only changed in the file. So I need to edit the file in the instance.

How do you deploy your application? Is it a GitHub deployment? Are you using the buildpack builder, or the docker builder?

In any case, in general, you probably want to have your configuration retrieved from the environment, and set the correct environment variables from the Koyeb control panel.

For example, if your application is written in PHP and has a config.php file, you might want to edit the variable from “$mysetting = ‘xxx’” to $mysetting = getenv('MY_SETTING'). Then, from the Koyeb control panel, you set the environment variable MY_SETTING to the correct value.

yes, It’ s a github buildpack builder. I will try what you mentioned.
Many thanks

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