How do i clone recursively?

I want to clone a submodule repo.

Hi @forestfamily4,
You can deploy from the sub-directory of your git repository by setting the work directory under advanced settings.

I don’t think that resolves the question. I believe I’m under the same situation as @forestfamily4 , I have a github repo with a submodule. However, Koyeb does not clone the contents of that repo. Locally, once I clone that repo I have to run git submodule init && git submodule update. How do I ensure that when Koyeb clones my repo it also clones the contents of the submodule?

Hi @forestfamily4 @Keshav_Soni
we just added support for git submodules so the build should now automatically detect git submodules and pull them as well :rocket:

Let us know if everything works smoothly on your side


I didn’t notice the reply but my project had worked! thanks!

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