How can I distribute a Github subtree directory?

I am using koyeb and github linkage.

In order to build and distribute the project when integrating with GitHub, all project configuration files are located in the workspace.

root repository

But I would like to place the files in the Github branch like so:

root repository

So, I want to put Procfile, builde.gradle, etc. inside the backend directory.

can i know what to do?

Hey @Lee_June_Hee,

Are you looking to deploy code from sub-directories? Currently, we need your code to be in the root folder of the repository to build it.

There is a feature request for subdirectory support, you can vote for it here and you will be notified once available.

Does this answer your question?

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Thank you. @alisdair

Thank you for your reply.
I voted as you said.
I hope to be able to help as soon as possible.

thank you