Deploying a Rust app using Rocket and Docker on Koyeb

Hey y’all! I just made a quick video showcasing how to deploy a simple Rust app on the platform using the Koyeb CLI. :crab: :rocket:

What do you think? Let me know if you have an idea for what you’d want to see covered in my next video!

I’m curious, is anyone else here deploying with the CLI? :technologist:


Is it possible to deploy directly via Git-driven deployment without dockerizing your application?

I am looking for the simplest possible deployment setup for a Rust Rocket application. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Rolf! Cool to see you’re looking for a simple way to deploy your Rust Rocket app. Out of curiosity, what does your app do?

At the moment, we support deploying Rust when it is dockerized. You’re not the only one awaiting this feature, others have requested git-driven support for Rust: Rust language support | Voters | Koyeb.

We have looked into adding Rust support for git-driven deployments using Packeto buildpacks but are not satisfied with this approach from our early testing. Once we start supporting Rust git-driven deployments, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know.

Hi Alisdair

Thanks for getting back to me! :grinning:

It’s a hobby project while learning to code. I have been using Vercel and NextJS with Python and React, but wanted to switch to a European hosted alternative due to GDPR and you fit the bill once you make the change to OVH cloud.

I am looking to integrating to the Danish Library infrastructure via a Rust/Rocket bankens and HTMX/AlpineJS front-end.

Med venlig hilsenRolf Madsen

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Nice stack! We’ll definitely keep you posted on git-driven deployment and OVH for Rust in that case. :crab:

How’s integrating the Danish Library infrastructure going? :denmark:

I work as an application architect for the Danish public libraries and worked on specifications of the infrastructure, so I know it pretty well, and it has been the obvious choice learning programming.

Koyeb is also interesting in my professional capacity, because we are based on Microsoft Azure at the moment, so it is good to keep an eye out for alternatives with regard to the current uncertainty about GDPR.

Med venlig hilsenRolf Madsen

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Very cool that you’re helping the public libraries and that learning programming is going so well! :slight_smile:

GDPR is definitely a big concern for lots of people that we’re pretty well positioned to help with. We’d love to support you, let us know how we can help.