Create app from multiple GitHub organizations

I have multiple organizations in my GitHub account. “tedyoung” is the main account, and “jitterted” is an organization (among others). How do I connect the “jitterted” org to Koyeb?

Welcome @Ted_M_Young :wave:

To achieve this, you can create a second Koyeb organization linked to your Koyeb user account and connect it to your 2nd GitHub organization: Organizations | Koyeb

Does that make sense?

I tried that, but it asks for payment information again. I don’t want to enter it again for each additional org (I want to add several GitHub orgs), I want it all to go to the payment I set up when I upgraded.

Got it.

Indeed, currently each Koyeb organization can be linked to one single GitHub organization and each Koyeb organization is independent with dedicated quotas, billing, and members.

How many organizations do you need to connect? There is a default quota to 5 organizations but we can lift that if you need more.

We can figure out something with the API if you need to connect dozens of organizations.

Right now, I have 3-4 orgs I’d want linked together (all within a single quota/billing setup), however, I do training/consulting/coaching, so I get added (usually for a short period of time) to someone else’s GitHub organization and want to deploy their app. I still want that under my billing/quota, but need to be able to easily add/remove GitHub orgs. (FYI, I can do this on Railway with just a few clicks.)