Changelog Update #19 - Execute commands on your service instances using the CLI, "What is a microVM?" blog post, and improved custom domains documentation

Hi everyone!

We’re back with another weekly update to share what is new on Koyeb this week. Let’s jump in:

  1. Execute commands on your service instances using the CLI

    We eased the process to execute commands to one of your service instances. You can now run the following command using the Koyeb CLI koyeb services exec <MY-SERVICE> env which will execute the command on one of your service instances.

    Make sure to install or upgrade the CLI in order to access this command: Installing the Koyeb CLI - Koyeb

    Read the CLI Reference to learn more about this new command.

  2. Published “What is a MicroVM?” blog post

    We run your workloads run efficiently and securely on our platform thanks to microVMs. To delve into this exciting technology, we wrote a blog post to explain the benefits and possibilities microVMs offer. And above all, to answer the question What is a microVM?

  3. Improved custom domains documentation

    Following feedback we got regarding our custom domains configuration, we’ve updated some sections of our custom domains documentation to make things clearer, mainly about the support of APEX domain.

You’re all caught up to speed! Let us know if you have ideas for new features or improvements, we’d love to hear them!

Stay tuned for next week’s changelog update!