Changelog #44 - CLI v3.7.1, new service mesh rollout update, faster login, and deploy Hono and Flipt

Hello and welcome to this week’s changelog update! Let’s jump into what’s new:

  1. CLI: Database instance type, and more

    You can now define the database instance type for Database Services using koyeb databases create and koyeb databases update. Previously this setting was only exposed in the control panel.

    We also fixed a bug where the latest commit was not properly fetched when performing a service update.

    Check out the full CLI changelog of v3.7.1.

  2. New Service Mesh: 10X faster and Rollout Update

    A few weeks ago, we started rolling out the new service mesh on the platform. So far, deployments backed by the new service mesh are 10X faster than before. We’ll keep progressively increasing the number of users accessing the new mesh in the upcoming days.

  3. No more delay on authentications and organization switch

    Switching between your Koyeb organizations and performing authentication actions could take a bit longer than expected in some cases. We addressed this behavior and solved the performance issue.

  4. Deploy Hono and Flipt in one click

    You can now deploy Hono and Flipt in one click on Koyeb! Hono is an easy-to-use JavaScript web framework while Flipt is an open-source feature flag system.

    In addition to the one-click Hono and Flipt apps, we also published a new deployment guide for Hono.