Changelog Update #13 - Improved build error message on app detection failure, new guides, Terraform provider improvements, and control panel improvements

Hi everyone!

As April wraps up, we are working to improve the deployment experience. This week’s changelog update includes a better build error message, several control panel improvements, new guides, and a new release of the Koyeb Terraform Provider.

Ready to discover this week’s full changelog update? Keep reading to get the full scoop:

  1. Improved build error message on app detection failure

    Previously when we failed to detect your application, the message was unclear and confusing on what caused the build failure. We now display a clear message and provide additional information on how to solve the problem in such a situation.

  2. New resources: Fastify,, and eBPF

    We shared a new tutorial on how to use WebSockets using and Node.js on Koyeb, added new documentation to get started deploying a Fastify application, and published a post about eBPF: The future of the service mesh and network innovation.

  3. Terraform provider improvements & fixes

    A new version of the Koyeb Terraform Provider is available. This release provides minor improvements and fixed a bug where services were deleted and re-created instead of initiating a new deployment when the services were updated. Thanks, Abdel for reporting this.

  4. Control panel improvements

    We released some improvements and fixed minor bugs in the control panel, including showing the deployment ID within the list of instances, making the custom health check configuration clearer, and fixing a UI bug on how commit messages were rendered.

Thanks for reading this week’s changelog update! If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. See you next week for another changelog update.