Changelog #48 - Autoscaling in Public Preview, Singapore Region is GA, Deploy LlamaIndex in one click, and more

Hello, and welcome to this week’s changelog update! Let’s jump into what’s new:

  1. Autoscaling is in Public Preview

    We are thrilled to announce that Autoscaling is now in public preview. With Autoscaling, we now dynamically adjust infrastructure based on CPU, memory, or requests per second thresholds.

  1. Singapore Region is now Generally Available

    The Singapore region is now generally available in Koyeb! Everything you need is available in Singapore to deploy high-performance full-stack apps, low-latency AI workloads, APIs, and databases!

  1. Empty Secrets are allowed in the control panel

    We now allow you to set empty values to secrets. This was only possible via the API and CLI. This is useful in case you want to temporarily stop using a third-party tool’s API key in your infrastructure if this tool creates runtime issues.

  2. Deploy LlamaIndex in one click

    You can now deploy LlamaIndex in one click on Koyeb! LlamaIndex is a data framework that makes it simple to build production-ready applications from your data using LLMs.
    We also published a tutorial to build a LlamaIndex app with Streamlit to query custom data.

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