Changelog #45 - Autoscaling operations in activities, new service configuration form, improved Terraform provider, deploy Ollama one-click app, and more

Hello, and welcome to this week’s changelog update! Let’s jump into what’s new:

  1. Autoscaling operations available in activities

    Autoscaling operations are now seamlessly integrated into your activities. Easily observe resource optimization from the activity list and get access to detailed information on your scaled services. Join our technical preview and be among the first to experience the benefits of our autoscaling feature.

  2. New service configuration form

    We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our redesigned form for creating or updating your services. Featuring a sleek new design and streamlined navigation, this form offers an intuitive and efficient way to configure your service, enhancing your deployment experience.

    If you’re interested in getting early access, simply reply to this post to let us know!

  3. Autoscaling support in Terraform provider

    The latest Koyeb Terraform provider release allows you to define autoscaling policies for your services. This version also lets you specify the instance type, scaling, and environment variables for each region. This is useful when you need more granularity to configure your Service in the case of a multi-region deployment.

  4. New 1-click Ollama app and HTMX + PostgREST tutorial to help you get started

    You can now deploy Ollama in one click on Koyeb and quickly leverage large language models for your application. We have also released a tutorial on how to build RESTful APIs from your PostgreSQL Databases using PostgREST and HTMX.