Changelog #41 - Autoscaling in preview, support for Git submodules, and new Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby versions

Hello and welcome to this week’s exciting changelog update! We are kicking 2024 off strong by unlocking a major milestone in our serverless journey: autoscaling with Koyeb is now a reality!

Let’s jump into everything new:

  1. Autoscaling - Available in technical preview!

    Get started automatically scaling your Services’ capacity based on the CPU, memory, or requests per second thresholds. Autoscaling will ensure you have the right resources to handle your traffic needs at any time.

    To join the autoscaling technical preview, complete this short survey to enter the waitlist.

  2. New Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby versions

    We added support for Go 1.21.5, Java 21, Node.js 21.5.0, PHP 8.3.0, Ruby 3.3.0, JRuby, Python 3.12.1. Here are the new default versions:

    • 1.21.5 for Go
    • 21.0.1 for Java
    • 20.10 version for Node.js
    • 8.3.0 for PHP
    • 3.1.4 for Ruby
    • 3.12.1 for Python
  3. Support for Git submodules

    We now support building projects that contain other Git repositories, known as Git submodules. If you use other projects as Git submodules within your project repository, the build process will automatically detect and clone these submodules, similarly to what you do locally. Please note that the Koyeb GitHub app must have access to these submodules.