Changelog #43 - Eco instances in Singapore, CLI updates, new pricing page, and new guides and one-click apps

Hello and welcome to this week’s changelog update! Let’s jump into what’s new:

  1. Eco Instances available in Singapore

    Our Eco instances are now available in Singapore in addition to Washington, D.C. (US) and Frankfurt (Germany). With the same amount of RAM as the Standard Instances at half the price, it is perfect for testing, prototyping, and experimenting before going into production.

  2. CLI: Autoscaling, skip cache, and more

    We released a new version of the CLI, which lets you define autoscaling policies based on average CPU, memory, and requests per second. Join the technical preview.

    The latest CLI also lets you redeploy without using the build cache in case of git-based deployment. Check out the full CLI changelog.

  3. New Pricing Page including Eco, Standard, and Postgres Instances

    We released our new pricing page to provide more comprehensive pricing details about our plans, our Eco and Standard instances, and our Serverless Postgres instances.

  4. DeepSparse, Express, and Spring Boot in one click

    You can now deploy Express, DeepSparse, and Spring Boot in one-click! We also published new deployment guides for Express and Spring Boot.