Changelog #39 - New Eco Instances, enhanced Free Instance, billing alerts, and Baselime Log Exporter

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s changelog update!

Last week, we told you we had major announcements coming your way. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, we introduced a new line of Eco Instances, enhanced the Free Instance, added billing alerts, and more!

Dive in below to catch up on the latest features and improvements:

  1. New Eco Instances

    Starting at $1.61 per month and billed by the second, the new Eco Instances provide the same amount of RAM as the Standard Instances at half the price.

    Perfect for testing, prototyping, and experimenting before going into production, the Eco Instances are available in Washington, D.C. (US) and Frankfurt (Germany).

    Read the full announcement to get all the details: New Eco Instances: the most affordable way to deploy apps globally - Koyeb.

  1. 512MB and Washington, D.C. deployments for the Free Instance

    We’ve doubled the RAM of the Free Instance and enabled deployments in Washington, D.C., in addition to Frankfurt, Germany.

  2. Billing alerts

    To prevent unexpected usage, we will notify you when you cross the $5, $20, $50, and $500 thresholds. If you’re spending more, our customer success team will contact you to set up custom notifications.

  3. Baselime Log Exporter One-Click App

    Baselime is an observability solution built for modern cloud-native environments. It combines logs, metrics, and distributed traces to give you full visibility across your microservices at scale.

    Our new one-click app allows you to easily deploy the Koyeb Log Exporter to stream your Koyeb Services logs to Baselime