Changelog Update #24 - Build and runtime log exporter, Polyscale x Koyeb doc, improved console in the control panel, and new gRPC tutorial

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s changelog update!

  1. Build and runtime log exporter

    The Koyeb log export allows you to seamlessly forward logs from any Koyeb service to the log aggregator and observability platform of your choice.

    We just released the documentation to let you get started streaming your logs to your log and observability platform. Check it out!

  1. New Polyscale x Koyeb documentation

    PolyScale is a high-performance, serverless database cache. It dramatically accelerates database read performance, lowers network latency, and reduces database infrastructure costs.

    We published a new PolyScale documentation explaining how to connect a PolyScale database cache to an application running on Koyeb.

  1. Improved the console in the control panel

    In the control panel, the console allows you to execute commands on instances of your services. Some behaviors of this feature were not properly handled and in some cases, you might have faced truncated output or resizing issues.

    We’ve revamped this feature to deliver a better experience using the console. Let us know it goes!

  2. New tutorial: Building a gRPC-Web App using Rust Tonic and React, deploy on Koyeb

    We wrote a new tutorial showcasing how to build a gRPC web app using Rust Tonic and React and deploy it on Koyeb. Check it out: Build and Deploy a gRPC-Web App Using Rust Tonic and React.

Thanks for reading this week’s changelog updates! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback about these changes.