New US East region is live!

Hi everyone! :wave:

What is better than one new core location? Two new core locations! :exploding_head:

That’s right, we are back to announce the opening of another core location! Yesterday, we shared the news about our new Frankfurt core location running in the heart of Europe. :raised_hands: :de:

Today, you can now deploy your applications on the other side of the world in US East thanks to our new core location in Washington, DC! :us: :fireworks:

DC region is an interconnectivity hub

We carefully selected our first US location to be the DC and Ashburn area because it is the most interconnected location worldwide. With the largest hub for data centers and connectivity, US East is critically important in the world’s cloud infrastructure. :globe_with_meridians:

Deploy in Frankfurt and Washington, DC

We’re thrilled to share that you can now deploy applications in minutes, with zero infrastructure management, in the two locations providing the best latency worldwide: US-East and Frankfurt, Germany.

With just one click, CLI command, or API call, you can deploy your apps across continents. Join us in celebrating the grand opening of these two new core locations! We look forward to hearing how your intercontinental deployments go! :sunglasses:

Deploy in new Washington, DC core location to run in US East!