New Frankfurt core location is live!

Hello Koyeb Community! :ocean: Back with another wave of exciting news…

Our new Frankfurt core location is now live in Germany! :de: :eu: :tada:

You can now deploy your applications in the heart of Europe with one click, or API call if you prefer, and enjoy all of the platform’s built-in features and the same pay-per-use pricing.

This location was highly demanded, and we are so excited to share it with you today! :partying_face:

Deploying in Frankfurt :de:

Are you ready to deploy in Frankfurt? With just one click on your service’s configuration page or by adding one parameter to your app creation command, your app will be up and running in the heart of Europe.

Via the Koyeb CLI

Run the following command to deploy a sample Go application via the Koyeb CLI:

koyeb app init example-golang \
--git \
--git-branch main \
--ports 8080:http \
--routes /:8080 \
--env PORT=8080
--regions [fra]

Access your app

Once the deployment of your application has finished, you can retrieve the public domain to access your application by running:

koyeb app get example-golang

Via the control panel

You can deploy from the control panel by following three steps:

  1. Select your deployment method
  2. Import your project
  3. Configure your service

Deploy on Koyeb

Frankfurt’s unparalleled interconnectivity

Frankfurt is a powerhouse when it comes to connectivity. Thanks to its dense concentration of data centers and internet companies, it is a fantastic place to deploy and run high-performance and low-latency applications.

It is home to Europe’s largest Internet Exchange, DE-CIX: a carrier and data center-neutral internet exchange that connects over 3,000 ISPs, cloud providers, content providers, and corporate networks from over 100 countries around the world. Just yesterday, it broke a new data throughput record in Frankfurt with 13.86 terabits per second.

Deploy in Europe now, deploy somewhere new tomorrow

Spoiler alert: We are releasing another core location tomorrow! :open_mouth:

Enjoy deploying in Frankfurt and stay tuned to find where you can deploy your application next. :wink:

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