Meilisearch data deletation

I have a meilisearch instance on Koyeb, but the data randomly clears when I don’t use the instance for a while (we are in a slow development phase). I do not understand why. I am on a paid Eco eNano instance.

Apparently it’s a memory overflow problem. The instance restarts, but loses data. How can I make the data persistent and recoverable?

Hi @wode,

You need to upgrade to a bigger instance. The eMicro will give you a bigger amount of RAM compared to the eNano for an additional $1 per month.

I understand well and that’s what I’m going to do, however, in the event of a memory overflow, even on a larger instance, I would like to be able to recover an instance with its data.

We do not provide persistent storage for now. But it is a feature we plan to deliver soon. You can upvote this feature idea here.

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