Will my new json datas get lost if somehow, my already deployed project gets unhealthy instance and be terminated?

since i was making a very basic python project what I did is I store data from the project to the json file in the same folder as of my app.py and application.py. So that without using or wasting time on other storage mechanism I could store stuffs in my file directly. But what if my my project somehow after days gets terminated… the json file gets updated only locally in koyeb. Will my data get lost after I click on redeploy?

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Hello @Anas_Razy,

Currently, we don’t offer persistent storage. When your project gets redeployed, all data is lost.
If you want to persist your data, we offer a serverless PostgreSQL database.

You can read more about our local storage here and about databases here.

If you think that locally available storage is something you want us to implement, you can vote on it here Persistent storage | Voters | Koyeb