Partial re-deploy possiblitity?

Hi, I’m using Deploy via Github (node.js) and found out if I upload a file on my koyeb website, and I redeploy the page with some revision, then the uploaded file is gone. Probabaly because I don’t have those files saved on my github repo, Is there any solution to this such as… partial redeploy without overwriting everything already on koyeb?

Hi! Sounds like your app needs persistent storage.

At the moment, Koyeb local storage is ephemeral. This means that all data written on the local filesystem of a running service is not saved when triggering a new deployment for instance.

For your use case, the best approach is to probably retrieve those files from an object storage platform like Cloudflare R2, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, or AWS S3.

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Got it. Thanks for the answer! :smiley: