Koyeb Metrics release

Hi there! I’m pleased to inaugurate this community forum with the release of Koyeb Metrics! :partying_face:

What is Koyeb Metrics?
With Koyeb Metrics, you get access to several key insights about your service health like CPU and memory usage, average response time, requests throughput, and public data transfer. It provides a high-level understanding of what’s happening in your services.

It’s been a feature long in the making and we’re proud to release it today!

Getting started with Koyeb Metrics

To get started with Koyeb Metrics, go to one of your Services on the Koyeb control panel and click the Metrics tab. The documentation is available here.

Feedback and questions

This feature is still in preview. We’d love to hear what you think about it. Are there metrics you feel are missing? Something unclear? Please let us know, we will work on it.

If you’re interested in the behind the scenes, stay tuned! We have an engineering blog post on the Koyeb Metrics internals on the way :wink:


Congrats @nicolas and @nilscox for this preview release!

We’re also considering releasing a Prometheus-compatible endpoint to access these metrics and we’d love to know who is interested.