How to fix Previous image with name "*" not found?

how to fix this problems sir?
previous day this repo working fine .


Initialized empty Git repository in /workspace/.git/


* branch bc2f693d770f00884387ba3ff577a3bdc695e269 -> FETCH_HEAD

HEAD is now at bc2f693 Update

Previous image with name "" not found

ERROR: No buildpack groups passed detection.

ERROR: Please check that you are running against the correct path.

ERROR: failed to detect: no buildpacks participating


🕵️ Unfortunately, we were unable to detect your application. If your application is not located in the root directory of your repository, please make sure you have specified the correct sub-directory where your application is located.


Our platform natively supports Node, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Scala, and Clojure languages.


To see examples of how to deploy your application on Koyeb, please check out our GitHub repositories:


exit status 20


By default applications are built using the “Buildpack” builder.

In your case, I see your application contains a Dockerfile. Edit your service configuration, and select the “Docker” builder, it should work.