Deploy stuck at starting and other bugs

So today i was restarting ny service it started taking long provisioning time and then it get stuck at starting I will attach the ss of instance and i try pausing and resume but same thing happening. I try 3 different ports 8080(that i normally use),80,10000(work only once) ,I did face issues like stuck at start but it will work after some restart like 2-3 but now it don’t let me deploy it.My service is running now as somehow it worked but if i wanna update code i have to restart the service i think that issue might happen.I was trying to start my service for hours

Idk if its some kinds or bug or anything hopefully it will get fixed

Thanks for reporting this, I fixed the tag issue on the community which prevented topic creation.

Regarding your deployment issue, if I understand correctly, your service is not systematically detected as healthy after deployment.

This might be related to a failure of the application at startup. Did you check your runtime logs when it happened to see if there were no stacktrace/error failures?

If you hit the same case, happy to take a look at the live deployment, it’s hard to provide more insight without seeing it happening live.